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What type of massage do I want?
Therapeutic vs. Relaxation
The difference between these two broad categories of massage is about the intent. Relaxation is done with the intention of allowing tension in the muscles and mind to melt away, leaving you totally relaxed, and perhaps ready for a nap. Therapeutic work is used to relieve muscular tension and pain, loosen scar tissue, increase flexibility and range of motion, and improve posture.
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is the foundation for many types of massage. It is perfect for relieving tense, sore muscles, increasing circulation, promoting clarity of mind and providing the body with deep relaxation. It is generally done directly on the skin with lotion.
Deep Tissue Massage
This technique is used in therapeutic work to reach deep underlying muscular tightness and holding patterns. While the work is deeper than most other types, it should be at the comfort level of the client so it feels wonderful.
Sports Massage
Designed for athletes of any level, to prepare for workouts or competition, to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness post workout, and deal with chronic problem areas or rehabilitate injuries.
Lymphatic Facilitation
This work is used to decrease swelling in the body caused by excess lymph due to injury, surgery, or repetitive strain. This is very light work.
Myofascial Massage
Gentle but extremely effective for loosening up the fascial layers that surround every muscle, tendon, and organ in the body, allowing them to move more freely.
Cancer Massage
Cancer patients currently in treatment as well as those in remission need a specially trained therapist who customizes the session for a safe, relaxing treatment based on clinical considerations for each individual for that day. This massage has been shown to decrease pain and other physical and mental symptoms.
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage combines Swedish with therapeutic techniques to relieve discomforts of pregnancy due to weight gain, stretching of skin, joint laxity, and strain on joints and muscles.  Everything is done for the safety and comfort of Mommy and baby.  Regular massage during pregnancy can help the mother stay more comfortable and relaxed which in turn is good for the baby.
Note: I generally use a combination of techniques that will best meet the needs of the client.
30 min - $45
60 min - $75
90 min - $110
Most insurances accepted. Call our appointment line to find out more.
Gift certificates are available and can be mailed or emailed the same day of purchase! They make excellent gifts and surprises for loved ones.

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